E-Notes: Using electronic lecture notes to support active learning in Schools

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Writing comprehensive, focused notes during a lecture can be a challenging task for students. They often spend most of the time actually writing notes with little time to reflect on the material presented in the lecture, or indeed to ask questions. Electronic lecture notes are a clear and concise electronic form of lecture notes provided openly to students. As a teacher, I use e-notes to complement the material presented in my lectures and experience has shown that they offer a distinct learning advantage over traditional forms of note taking. As students do not have to spend time writing copious notes, they are generally more attentive during class, being able to concentrate on understanding the material. This allows them to become actively engaged in the lecture, participating in class discussions and asking pertinent questions.

E-learning has worked towards bringing learners, tutors, experts, practitioners, and other interest groups to one place. Thus, there is a good practice of knowledge sharing followed through different online platforms. This is important in current times as competition is rising and the world is also growing. Hence, quick information helps in the better growth of an individual. Reading ahead of the class increases one’s understanding.

I wish you best of luck in your forth coming examination.

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